CJSC Joint Venture "Sopotex" (Republic of Belarus, Mogilev) is nowadays one of the up-to-date light industry's enterprises over the postsoviet  territory.
We produce:
-   Yarn made of cotton (Co), polyester (PES) or mixed (Co+PES in different proportion)
-    Grey industrial and apparel textile
We manufacture only high quality production what confirmed by long-term collaboration with the first-rate factories not only in Belarus but abroad as well.
Modern Open End and Ring Spinning equipment of companies "W.Schlafhorst AG&Co.", "Trutschler CmbH+Co.KG Textilemaschinenfabric", "Zinser" - Germany and "Maschinenfabricrieter AG" - Switzerland allows to produce cotton and mixed yarn with addition of chemical fiber.
We are interested in outlet expansion of our production behind our region bounds. That's why we will be glad to see you as our partner.
Managing director + 375 (222) 79-61-82
Marketing department + 375 (222) 73-86-05, + 375 (222) 72-07-52, fax + 375 (222) 73-78-59
sopotex@sopotex.by, omsopotex@rambler.ru

MOGILEV/RB Grishin str., 89, 212030
Tel: +375 (222) 73-86-08, +375 (222) 73-86-05,  fax: +375 (222) 73-85-03, +375 (222) 73-78-59
e-mail: sopotex@sopotex.by, www.sopotex.by